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About JVI

J.V.I. PROVINCIAL TRANSPORTATION AND SAFETY ACADEMY is one of Canada’s foremost driver training facilities which was founded in 1994.

JVI is owned and operated by David Anderson, a former truck driver with over 30 years of experience

 We have a fleet of well-maintained modern trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment.  On the road, training is conducted province-wide during the day and at night. All heavy equipment training takes place at our private worksite

JVI has modern classroom facilities with up-to-date training aids and materials.  J.V.I. does complete training in Airbrakes, Vehicle Weights and Dimension legislation, and Hours of Service regulations.

As a partner in the transportation industry, JVI offers courses that include supervised work experience with some of the industry’s top employers as well as conducting driver evaluations for several trucking companies.  JVI is also pleased to offer specialized training to government and industry as required.

Overall, J.V.I. has built a strong foundation and reputation as a training school with excellent staff, a superb training facility, modern equipment, and dedication to you our client, and the industry as a whole.

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